Most media companies lead with only technical skills and approach design or concept as expendable. We dierentiate through consulting and design based branding approach. It is vital to present a compelling and cohesive concept and design that elevates your brand. Eective brand is built by creativity of marketing, consulting of experience, denite business goals and clear technology requirements. at’s why we focus on to make your brands and your products to dominate the market and help reach the goals you set.
Brand consulting services

Brainstorming, Research, Brand Concept and Company ReBranding, Startup consulting.

User acquisition consulting

Analyzing data, Data reporting, Data manipulation. E-mail, Sms, Telemarketing, Marketing, Sales automation.

Collaboration and Project management

We have partnership with video, photo, content creators, interior & exterior design agencies that we work with to manage the overall consistency.

Technology consulting

Developing website, application, requirements and brainstorming ideas for new it systems.

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